4) Read-write correspondence (cycle 1 and 2) In kindergarten, it is not read-write comes first. – activepolar
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A dozen child texts are published within a year. Series PARAGRAPH ANIMATION FILM, from a line, word by “yoghurt” Freeze and can find an oral scenario. For outputs, the photo reports have replaced the video, used at the beginning, but less suitable for educational use.

They are also posted in the section of the site dedicated to the class of Heritage. There are also some songs (very provided, reflecting different cultures), some board games … The language songs comparison with the native language songs recorded collection of international Jacques brothers largest Internet collection of brother Jacques world 🙂 Many return instits this page Collection expanded and enriched by other Internet documentary and photo reports Movies Example: Barracks visits, Mailroom, Filmed by Keywords teacher inlaid in the film but too working for little echo in the class so the teacher happened to photojournalism pictures > sorting > organization > captioning information is intended to propose to the BTJ A4 double sided tool to send to the site very BTJ rewarding for the children who write for something or MUZ scriptures scriptures valuations Valuation OULIPO writings how to describe a dough drawing modeling collective writing: Nigerian folktale set voice associated with texts about the snakes from a free text entry No important cultural art history or context of production We are on the aesthetic emotion simply ex Europe XXL (new member of Europe) Postcards from people who do not travel who consults?

Classes Productions where students are valued by the children Families are not equipped, sometimes they come to school and take a look on the computer class Curious how long? This site remains Standing Aside archived but remain online because the first recipient is the student himself through time request permission to put children on site, a request for annual authorization It should not be have to mention the name no social network practice (no facebook) no class notebook in this class only digital media equipment Initially installation: hallway !! No money from the town budget Gradually equipment dedicated to techno equipment initially reprocessing of waste material.

That affects the computer hardware? Children print, scan, register (Audacity), but do not come online, unlike other schools using TWITTER PC Software phototofiltre in its audacity flv player except DREAM WEAVER site design tool free tool kompozer oF DESIGN website Relationship with other teachers in the school No school site the origin of the site to be “over the school” colleagues aware of the reception of new arrivals, young, teacher Intervention in institutional pedagogy expertise and assistance LECTHEME software with school colleagues among students?

Many students ask “when do we work? “No specific starting resistance to the internet, rather enthusiastic Teacher Project: Language Methode around PARAGRAPH (animated film) Projects films (funded by DRAC) possible when school punctual regularity of correspondence Projects school (two riders) WIKIPEDIA, ENCYCOOP (encyclopedia Freinet movement) Usable in Cycle III Project: use the internet as a resource Developpe documentary and journalistic attitude NERM usually do overlap sources Lets help children build a compass PARAGRAPH a kindergarten homework help for students
teacher uses Onsite amazone.de 88 episodes 2min 30 PARAGRAPH integral Pingoo in TINY language: idea of ??using these non-language animated films Experience colleagues: TV Mal class seen colleagues Festival of short films animated films Pivostickfigure animator Webzine with children CE2 example webzinemaker Presentation Encycoop by the programmer if Encycoop BTJ subscription you have access to the site encycoop site with password loadable person for an IT project Iconicem image bank need for a password Presentations digitally School Site Who posted is the information dated? advertising site? Take a step back with respect to the information Danger, identical with the television we have no choice: the internet is there 🙂 The only danger of the Internet is not able to find digital identity Facebook: children are going ! As much accompany …

REFERENCES: Yann Leroux Project doodle Make a work plan with doodle < "The author child emancipation practices" Opening Conference of the 50th Congress of the ICEM ^ Social pedagogy outside the school. > Print Add comment
By Claude Beaunis on 28/08/11 – 9:21 In: GD 14 – Calvados Region Nord Pas de Calais made Congress Account> educational workshop Principles> Communication> correspondence CONGRESS 2011 / REPORT WORKSHOP Beach 1 Tuesday, 08/23 14h30-16h (B2 544) GD 14 Expo in correspondence room at all levels.

Why ? To avoid going immediately into technical details, and because the interest is the same for all the goals and problems too. Main principles / objectives: – openness to the world: bring back life in the class – gives meaning to everything that is done in the classroom – promotes cooperation within the class group and another group (for trade and meetings) – enables learning in natural method: writing true clues, make assumptions to decrypt the message written by another class.

Take a step back on what we saw already lets go a little to the other. Presentation of some practices: 1) the interest of the correspondence to the visual arts (Cycle 3) Anne class participated in a project on Norman Scandinavian culture. They participated in an exhibition. On board, it was decided that some students will take care to send some works to the partner class. This decision has imposed itself.

Sent panels were made especially for them, on a voluntary basis. For the exhibition, they worked individually but they were 2 or 3 to send their work to the correspondents. 2) knowledge of English (Cycle 3) Michel class corresponded with a class of the Channel. With the corresponding teacher, they planned to exchange in English.

It participated in the natural learning of the English language. – In French, asks children what they wanted to communicate correspondents. – Search the topics known in English. – Michel then offered to write a letter in English in simple language and very transparent words. – Introducing students then drafted the letter. – Students then speculated on understanding the letter. – Sending the letter. – The corresponding functioned similarly to the reception, then responded. The different letters will serve as a database for writing these letters.

3) discovery of the world (Cycle 1) Correspondence between the class of Helen and of Christine, a town, the other in the country, one by the sea, the other near a river. There was also a difference in structure of the premises. All differences, peculiarities were used. The common thread was the work from the water. Kindergarten students have asked many questions but the answers as such do not necessarily interested them.

However, it launched searches in the class. There was also a personal exchange between students. It was important that students have an attention to another. During the meeting, each corresponding actually was responsible for its correspondent.

A visit with a specialist had been made beforehand on the sea, so the students had the responsibility to re-transmit what they learned to their corresponding. For students, it was very important to tell and show the inner workings of his class. During the meetings, the operation was relatively preserved, allowing hospitable to accompany their corresponding organization and explain it.

4) Read-write correspondence (cycle 1 and 2) In kindergarten, it is not read-write comes first. It was therefore necessary that the two classes meet quickly, to create a contact.