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May 31, 2019
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May 31, 2019

In a March 2010 email from Brussels-based lobby group Fleishman Hillard to a parliamentarian, an executive wrote that he believed Gauzes had been persuaded to propose AFME’s changes. Shortly after the email, seen by Reuters, Gauzes did just that. “For me, it’s not a problem,” says Gauzes. “Why should I write amendments that are worse than those of the industry? “These are very technical matters. They must be written precisely. The lobbyists write it much better than I do.” “We are used now to seeing lobbyists provide off-the-peg amendments,” says McCarthy. “These remarkably turn up, at times in triplicate, from certain members.” That’s just fine, says one senior lobbyist. “You cannot expect industry to call ‘stop’. People are busy earning money.

Homework - helping Kids With homework

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28.Tomas put up a fence so that people didn’t walk on his garden.


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