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May 31, 2019
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From Bjorn Lomborg, The Skeptical Environmentalist. In the following example, the writer tacks on a new opening part of the first sentence in the hope that the reader won’t notice that the rest of the paragraph is simply copied from the source. The plagiarized words are italicized.

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 mended roof

In the above case, the information could be summed up and simply paraphrased, with a proper citation, because the idea, even in your words, belongs to someone else. Furthermore, a paper consisting largely of quoted passages and little original writing would be relatively worthless. Plagiarizing by Paraphrase.

12.We mended the roof to prevent the birds from making nests in it. We mended the roof _____________________ not make nests in it. SO.

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The shop __________________________bread. RUN. The shop had run out of bread.

Turnout at European elections dropped over the last decade, watered down by new EU entrants like Poland and Slovakia where fewer than three in 10 cast their vote.

BEING. This motorway is being extended by 100 kilometres. 11.It was a mistake for the company to install the new computer system. The company __________________________ the new computer system. SHOULD.

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