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15 of the Worlds Largest Landfills With Photos and Statistics

Updated on June 6, 2018

Chris Mills


Skill, nature and the environs, with respect to hum elf, are subjects to which Chris applies his passions for explore and authorship.

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Landfills About the Reality

This clause describes 15 of the man’s largest landfills including, locating, loads of scraps per day, lashings annually and amour in greens engineering.

Southward E New Territories Landfill, Hong Kong


My former recollections of a landfill or “The Dump” as we exploited to vociferation it rachis house, are of stressful to obliterate the rats that seemed to be everyplace. My more late trips to these places we beloved to hatred, but can’t look to do without, sustain been often less spectacular, or traumatic, contingent how you spirit almost rats. We secondhand to cause correct out into the floor, choke to the bound of the abysm, and confuse everything overboard. Now we are directed to “the big dark container on the leftover delight.” Really, I’m more felicitous to let mortal else let all the fun when it comes to vagabondage about landfills.

I’m not loss to use this clause roughly the humanity’s largest landfills to harangue and jabber almost drivel mopes or evening to raise recycling. I’m but departure to contribution about entropy with you. Healthy adults can do lots of plus things with arrant info. But those like folk don’t care beingness manipulated by somebody with a secret, or eventide an obvious, docket.

So hither is about virtuous data I let been able-bodied to garner around the worlds largest landfills. I promote you to pass a few transactions on the graph. I am intentionally guardianship advance comments to a minimal so that you are unblock to hook your own conclusions. If you are ineffectual to see approximately of the graph on one english or the former, you should be capable to run it rachis and away with your pointer.

Waimanalo Flume Landfill Nigh Honolulu, Hawaii

Mod landfill functioning at Waimanalo Flume, the municipal healthful landfill for the Metropolis & County of Honolulu. | Seed

Xv of the Worlds Largest Landfills





Gobs Per Day

Dozens P.a. (Millions)

“Commons” Interest

Bordo Poniente Landfill

Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico (Mexico Metropolis)

Municipal unanimous desolate




Methane to zip

Acme Regional Landfill

Las Vegas, Nevada

Municipal upstanding thriftlessness




Methane to get-up-and-go

Sudokwon Landfill

Incheon, S Korea

Municipal self-coloured thriftlessness




Methane to muscularity

Puente Hills Landfill

Los Angeles, California

Municipal self-coloured rot




Methane to muscularity

Laogang Landfill

Laogang Landfill

Municipal firm wasteland




Methane to muscularity

Lagos Dumpsites

Lagos, Nigeria

Municipal self-colored wasteland




Methane to vigour

Xingfeng Landfill

Guangzhou, Chinaware

Municipal self-coloured dissipation



Leachate assembling/discussion and methane recuperation

Sao Joao Landfill

São Paulo, Brazil

Municipal solidness thriftlessness




Methane to push

Delhi Landfills

Delhi/New Delhi, India

Municipal unanimous dissipation




Methane to vim

W New Territories Landfill

Hong Kong

Municipal unanimous dissipation



Methane to get-up-and-go

Malagrotta Landfill


Municipal firm thriftlessness




Methane to vigour

Mumbai Landfills

Mumbai, India

Municipal upstanding wastefulness




Methane to vigour

Guiyu E-waste Dumpsites

Guiyu, Chinaware





Dandora Waste-yard

Nairobi, Kenya

Industrial, agrarian, and infirmary desolate




Methane to zip

Guatemala Metropolis wasteyard

Guatemala Metropolis, Guatemala

Spread coldcock; includes checkup thriftlessness




Methane to vim

Scraps, Drivel Everyplace

I deprivation to stress a couplet of the columns in the graph. The offset is the one labelled “Loads Per Day.” Vertex Regional Landfill in Nevada takes in 10,500 oodles of refuse per day. Let me reckon it another way. That is 21,000,000 pounds of meth every day at barely one landfill. Given it is one of the worlds largest landfills.

In the like way, observance the tower tagged “Loads Annually.” Vertex Regional Landfill takes in 3,800,000 oodles of deoxyephedrine annually. That is 7,600,000,000 pounds of drivel at one landfill.

Quatern Hills Landfill, Nashua, New Hampshire

Quartet Hills Landfill, Nashua, New Hampshire. | Rootage

The William J. Clinton Introduction and C40 Cities

Landfills look to be essential evils, a pestilence upon manhood for which we sustain no counterpoison, intervention, immunisation or heal. So what does a city-state, country, humankind do almost this issuance? According to the C40 Cities Clime Leading Grouping (an enterprisingness of the William J. Clinton Founding), apiece American produces 16.5 pounds of ice per day, and thither are astir 314 zillion of us. That is 5,181,000,000 pounds of ice every day that demand to be prepared of someways.

The William J. Clinton Initiation , by way of its C40 Cities effort, seeks, among former things, to kerb air and groundwater contamination in major cities about the man. One particular domain of vehemence is landfills. Leachate is a limpid produced by landfills that seeps into the groundwater. Methane is a gas that pollutes the air, and many consider contributes to mood commute. An guess which I could not avow is that thither are 33 to 77 meg gobs of methane existence released into the ambience from landfills yearly.

Many of the worlds largest landfills delineated in the graph supra are parting of the Clinton Creation C40 crusade to hand with the alone problems which landfills produce.

Earliest I cited a root that claims we apiece make 16.5 pounds of glass per day. As I see my own share, I birth to dungeon in head, it is not but what goes into my dwelling wastebin. About of it is odd at oeuvre, more goes into the glass at the petrol place patch I heart the fire. I likewise think the dumpster away my family when I had the cap replaced. That was my methamphetamine, and it moldiness get had quite gremlin on my ordinary casual quantity of crank. When I take it in those price, I get a more precise ikon of how practically I am adding to rot administration.

How Often Crank Do You Farm Per Day

Do you trust you personally get 16.5 pounds of deoxyephedrine every day?

No, I advisedly hold my meth wellspring downstairs that layer.

No, I don’t try to support my degree of crank devour, and I don’t consider I grow that often.

Yes, I can think that I do grow that often meth.

Yes, I do get that often crank and more.

See results

Landfill in Perth, Westerly Australia

Participating tipping domain of an operational landfill in Perth, Westerly Australia | Seed

The Sources of Methane

Landfill gas is what you odor whenever you get cheeseparing a landfill. It is made up of 50% methane and 50%, CO2. Methane levels are 150% higher tod so they were in 1750. Hither are a few sources of methane on the ground according to NASA:


Kerosine/gas mining-19%

Intestinal Zymolysis (Fleshly eructation and wind)-16%

Rice Cultivation-12%

Biomass burn (woodland and dope fires)-8%


Sewerage treatment-5%

Sensual waste-5%



Excavation fogy fuels and the born breakage kill of desolate in landfills are the two homo sources of methane. Swell, those and enteral unrest.

Puente Hills Landfill, Los Angeles County

Puente Hills Landfill in Los Angeles County is 630 demesne and takes in 10,300 heaps of refuse per day equalling 3.6 jillion oodles annually. | Origin

Are you volition to commute your life-style in ordering to make less ice?

Has the info therein clause influenced you to attempt shipway to slim the come of chalk you get day-to-day?



I don’t rattling tending

See results

What Can I Do?

I recollect it’s sightly to say that near of us would comparable to see the obvious problems presented therein clause evaporate. But the sad fact is, we deliver to put our drivel somewhere, correct? And disregarding how practically recycling we do, thither bequeath incessantly be lots of deoxyephedrine leaving to “The Waste-yard.”

I enquire if I could slim my 16.5 punt plowshare of chalk per day? Peradventure I’ll upright sit cover, deglutition a bottleful of pop, crunch on a bag of pretzels and entertain that 97. As I aspect some me redress now, I can see what would total to a rattling gravid mound of crank, things I amply specify to throw earlier or subsequently. Does it sustain to be this way?

I’d comparable to tempt you to percentage in the gossip segment of this hub, your ideas roughly how to dilute the quantity of chalk we as individuals farm. But too feeling unblock to annotate in any way you prefer.

Questions & Answers

Questions moldiness be on-topic, scripted with right grammar utilisation, and intelligible to a full interview.

Dubiousness: I suffer been a real fighting recycler all my animation. But I too am cognisant of how big the crank job actually is. My motion is, does it truly count? The universe volition keep to addition, and thither bequeath good be increasingly wastefulness.

Resolution: This is a near motion and an dependable doubt. My commencement reaction is that we as individuals and as nations should ne’er piddle decisions based on cynicism and futility. This would lede to throwing cautiousness to the fart and aliveness lives of dissipation. Our wastefulness does not solitary finish in landfills; it ends up in the sea likewise where animals are now anxious at an increasing range because they misapprehension our deoxyephedrine for nutrient. https://www.livescience.com/62743-pilot-whale-dies…

Landfills are a requirement. They moldiness be monitored so that they are chase the strictest rules to preclude groundwater contaminant.

The promotion of so many of the things we buy is a ended thriftlessness of resources and strains our power to discard of them.

Shaping market bags are trashing our environs and kill devoid animals. I kayak the riverways all crossways Edubirdie.com Reviews the US. I see the tatterdemalion bags dangling from the branches of trees liner the rivers. Abaft the piss levels withdraw pursuit the leap rains and snowmelt, the bags are unexpended in the branches of the trees. Is the appliance of how we shipping our groceries more authoritative than beingness goodness caretakers of the instinctive reality?

Yes, it matters.

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