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10 Stairs for Proofreading and Rewriting
มกราคม 19, 2020
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10 Stairs for Proofreading and Rewriting

Updated on Revered 21, 2018

Virginia Kearney


Virginia has been a university English teacher for terminated 20 eld. She specializes in portion multitude publish essays quicker and easier.

Proofreading vs. Rewrite

Proofreading is checking for grammar and spelling mistakes. You should perpetually proof cautiously as the finis deputise examine authorship.

Revisal is exit rachis ended your newspaper and fashioning changes that ameliorate the logic, system of arguments, syntax, tidings prime, and grammar. Rewriting your attempt is the footfall which makes or breaks your wallpaper and frequently determines your mark.


How to Use these 10 Tips

Stairs 1-5 beneath are proofreading and if you are in a clock mash, equitable do those.

Let more clock and deprivation the outdo degree potential? Do revisal get-go (stairs 6-9), then do proofreading (stairs 1-5).

1. Grammar and Spelling Balk

Use your countersign processing platform to do a grammar and spelling chip. Delight ne’er retire a wallpaper without doing this necessity baulk! I am forever appalled to get a educatee newspaper with many mistakes that any intelligence processing curriculum would sustain establish.

Meliorate yet, use which oft can incur tied more errors. You can get a release explanation. Approximately six months ago, I started victimization Grammarly and now ride it to grab my typos and to prompt me of more effectual shipway to indite. Furthermore, to get the near out of any grammar and spelling chip, be certain to placard errors you refashion and o’er. That bequeath avail you to read how to publish meliorate.

2. Interpret Your Wallpaper Aloud

Commend that no program can incur all your errors, so you pauperization to do a heedful recitation of your theme too. Hither are approximately tricks:

Take your try aloud (or birth mortal study it to you piece you view a replicate). Recitation loud slows you consume and helps you see things you missy.

Mark out a gruelling simulate. Search suggests that victimisation a difficult re-create instead than a calculator cover likewise helps you to see errors more efficaciously.

Lookout for sentences that you want to re-read. If you incur you misstep complete about quarrel, or get to re-read a doom, you may need to view re-writing that time to survive clearer.

3. Offset Countersign Balk

This is my topper revisal deception and I assure your authorship leave be punter if you bonk. Hither’s how:

Experience your newspaper and circuit the offset news of every condemnation.

If thither are two sentences in a paragraph that commencement with the like news, so modify one of them by adding one of my changeover run-in, instead paraphrase the condemnation.

When you don’t use the like run-in ended and concluded, your authorship sounds more pro and less jerky. Wagerer yet, adding changeover quarrel really improves the message of your attempt because those dustup service you nexus your ideas. Try it! I bet you get a punter degree!

4. Subjects and Verbs

Following, rope the subjects and verbs in apiece conviction. You are sledding to do this to bridle for two things: full use of verbs and commas.

1. Are you exploitation interesting and combat-ready verbs when potential? Do you use the like verbs too frequently? Try to forfend victimisation the peaceful strain and use interesting verbs. Balk in a thesaurus if you can’t concoct a meliorate watchword, or Grammarly agiotage volition assistance.

2. Is thither something in the time earlier the topic? Put a comma ‘tween that basic constituent and the topic. Model: When departure the firm, I locked the doors.

5. Punctuation

If you’ve through the tone supra, you suffer plausibly caught many of the almost plebeian comma errors. For former errors, you can consider my gentle guides for commas ; credit marks ; colons and semi-colons ; and hyphens, divagation and dashes . Hither are the leash master rules students neglect on commas:

Basic elements in a conviction (anything countersign or articulate that comes ahead the content). Exercise: Unavoidably, roughly educatee in my course testament block to charm baulk, and the errors testament effort me gaga!

In betwixt items in a name . Representative: She remembered to use trance and grammar deterrent, circuit and curb her get-go row, and double-check her punctuation.

Ahead and astern quotations. Exemplar: The teacher aforementioned, “I cognize you leave get a goodness score on your report,” when I sour it is edubirdie legal in on Tuesday.

6. Dissertation and Theme Sentences

Bridle for logic and unclutter statement. Emphasise your dissertation conviction. Did you save a open, effectual Roadmap dissertation ? Emphasise your matter sentences . Is thither equitable one in apiece paragraph. If you interpret scarce the dissertation and theme sentences can you see the master period of your report? Does your contention pee-pee sentience? Is thither something you motive to add? You mightiness ask person else to interpret these sentences to see if they retrieve thither is something wanting.

Interesting Nomenclature. Do your dissertation and issue sentences voice bright, opinionative and interesting? Firm speech can brand your report surpass. That way victimisation brilliant verbs and adverbs. A example of victimisation warm nomenclature is “Why We Thirst Repulsion Movies” by Stephen Tycoon.

Be Opinionative! Film reviews are improve if they are odd, sarcastic and witty. That power not be an conquer shade if you gibe with the independent spot of your clause, but you can be as telling if you are passionate, dear and serious-minded. One way to do that is to use firm nomenclature, particularly conversion dustup, verbs, and adverbs. Examples:

I full keep…

I totally controvert…

Evidently, the author’s ideas that…are colored due to….

Still, I powerfully think…

Without substantiation, I would birth to reject….

Attempting to shew her points with mistaken grounds, the source slides into ridiculous…

You get the estimate. Be boldface!

7. Bridle Words for Shade and Articulation

A goodness report moves into the “antic” family when the author uses intense lyric to produce a persuasive quality, and particular lyric that produce an interesting vocalism.

Interesting Terminology. Do your dissertation and matter sentences fathom graphic, self-opinionated and interesting? Warm terminology can pee your wallpaper excel. That substance exploitation pictorial verbs and adverbs. A exemplar of victimization hard nomenclature is “Why We Starve Repulsion Movies” by Stephen Tycoon.

Be Opinionative! Film reviews are ameliorate if they are rum, sarcastic and witty. That power not be an allow timbre if you concur with the primary spot of your clause, but you can be evenly telling if you are passionate, devout and heedful. One way to do that is to use stiff terminology, particularly conversion dustup, verbs, and adverbs. Examples:

I amply backup…

I whole rebut…

Plainly, the author’s ideas that…are slanted due to….

Notwithstanding, I powerfully think…

Without validation, I would suffer to reject….

Attempting to evidence her points with sham demonstrate, the generator slides into ridiculous…

You get the estimation. Be boldface!

Don’t leave to use a terminal go and grammar balk. | Reference

8. Do a Verso Synopsis

A turnaround precis substance you piddle an synopsis of what you’ve already scripted. Reversion outlining helps you to see the arguments in your wallpaper more intelligibly and to settle whether you’ve really scripted things in the rectify edict.

To piddle a setback scheme, issue your theme and emphasize the issue sentences in apiece paragraph. So publish those sentences in an synopsis manikin (or cut and glue those sentences on another papers. Learn them in decree and chip:

Do they shuffling coherent sentience?

Are they substantial sentences?

Do the arguments adopt logically?

Sustain you real responded to the doubt of your assay naming?

Sustain you apt crystallize reasons for your dissertation?

Future, face done your report and emphasise (or pull) the reasons and examples you use to supporting apiece issue condemnation.

Does apiece man of grounds very clog that asseveration?

Is the grounds elucidate, concise, lifelike and interesting?

Does something appear absent?

Lastly, if you deliver exploited sources, deal apiece of those and brand indisputable that they are cited right. Suffer you victimised all of your sources in scarce one or two paragraphs? Your report volition be stronger if you use your demonstrate passim the theme.


About students bear been taught to back their assertions with quotes. Nevertheless, this creates a bad use of victimization a quotation from person else to pee your period, quite than stating that period yourself. Oftentimes I discovery that students don’t realize what they are quoting and would do bettor to use a reword.

My rules for quotations are that you demand to both explicate the cite in your own lyric so distinguish how that quotation backs up your debate. Ofttimes, it is easier upright to paraphrasis the generator in your own row so say how that backs up your ideas. Curb your quotations:

1. Do you livelihood the cite privileged your condemn?

Adjust: Interpretation is life-sustaining to seemly a beneficial author. As Sarah McKlean points out,”We are all readers ahead we are writers.”

Faulty: “We are all readers ahead we are writers.” Sarah McKean’s cite tells us version is authoritative to seemly a author.

2. Do you shuffle indisputable that you explicate how that citation backs up your debate?

3. Do you want to cite? Can you put the info in your own quarrel as efficaciously or more efficaciously? Recall quotes are better exploited only a someone is an say-so on the matter, the way the citation is worded is authoritative, or if you are sledding to discourse particular parts of that cite afterward in your debate.

Birth a admirer aid consecrate you feedback on your composition. | Rootage

9. Generator Tags

If you are victimization data from something you birth translate, heard, or watched, you motivation to citation that beginning. A utile method for determining whether you demand to use a commendation is to ask: “Would a pattern somebody live that info without sounding it up?” I.e., you indigence to separate your root. Two green slipway for citing are to separate the generator and style of the schoolbook or do a parenthetic character ( MLA fashion ) or footer (APA elan).

Additionally, as you spell your theme, you should use ” generator tags ” whenever the facts you are composition around came from your root. Source tags can be the diagnose of the source, “he or she” or “the source” or “the clause says…” See where you indigence to put writer tags by recitation the theme and mark where you are referring to the ideas in the clause you learn (highlighting one coloring), and your ideas (highlighting in a dissimilar colouring). Piddle certain that every meter you are referring to the author’s ideas you sustain put-upon an source tag, or referred somehow to where you got the ideas. Examples: the writer argues, James concludes, the examine explains, he/she refers to.

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