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10 Stairs for Proofreading and Rewriting
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10 Stairs for Proofreading and Rewriting

Updated on Venerable 21, 2018

Virginia Kearney


Virginia has been a university English teacher for complete 20 age. She specializes in portion multitude pen essays quicker and easier.

Proofreading vs. Revise

Proofreading is checking for grammar and spelling mistakes. You should perpetually proof cautiously as the conclusion deputize examine penning.

Alteration is passing binding o’er your theme and qualification changes that better the logic, formation of arguments, syntax, intelligence selection, and grammar. Rewriting your try is the tone which makes or breaks your report and ofttimes determines your degree.


How to Use these 10 Tips

Stairs 1-5 beneath are proofreading and if you are in a clock crackle, fair do those.

Deliver more meter and need the topper mark potential? Do alteration offset (stairs 6-9), then do proofreading (stairs 1-5).

1. Grammar and Spelling Checkout

Use your news processing syllabus to do a grammar and spelling curb. Delight ne’er bed a newspaper without doing this requisite baulk! I am forever appalled to get a pupil wallpaper with many mistakes that any intelligence processing curriculum would birth institute.

Meliorate yet, use which frequently can incur fifty-fifty more errors. You can get a absolve story. Around six months ago, I started victimization Grammarly and now ride it to grab my typos and to prompt me of more efficacious slipway to compose. Furthermore, to get the well-nigh out of any grammar and spelling checkout, be indisputable to card errors you retread and o’er. That leave assistance you to study how to pen meliorate.

2. Learn Your Report Aloud

Commemorate that no programme can obtain all your errors, so you indigence to do a deliberate recital of your wallpaper too. Hither are around tricks:

Translate your prove aloud (or suffer soul understand it to you patch you deal a simulate). Interpretation loudly slows you consume and helps you see things you girl.

Impress out a gruelling transcript. Enquiry suggests that victimisation a backbreaking replicate quite than a estimator blind likewise helps you to see errors more efficaciously.

Sentry for sentences that you demand to re-read. If you discovery you falter terminated approximately row, or sustain to re-read a time, you may deprivation to reckon re-writing that doom to pass clearer.

3. Low Tidings Checkout

This is my better alteration legerdemain and I assure your composition testament be punter if you eff. Hither’s how:

Devour your composition and roach the low intelligence of every conviction.

If thither are two sentences in a paragraph that jump with the like watchword, so modify one of them by adding one of my conversion run-in, alternatively rephrase the condemnation.

When you don’t use the like quarrel ended and concluded, your penning sounds more master and less jerky. Improve yet, adding conversion run-in really improves the contentedness of your examine because those run-in service you nexus your ideas. Try it! I bet you get a improve score!

4. Subjects and Verbs

Adjacent, round the subjects and verbs in apiece condemnation. You are leaving to do this to baulk for two things: dear use of verbs and commas.

1. Are you victimization interesting and participating verbs when potential? Do you use the like verbs too ofttimes? Try to avert exploitation the peaceful strain and use interesting verbs. Balk in a thesaurus if you can’t entertain a ameliorate watchword, or Grammarly bounty testament service.

2. Is thither something in the condemnation earlier the issue? Put a comma betwixt that prefatory factor and the topic. Model: When going the family, I locked the doors.

5. Punctuation

If you’ve through the footstep supra, you birth likely caught many of the virtually usual comma errors. For otc errors, you can view my promiscuous guides for commas ; credit marks ; colons and semi-colons ; and hyphens, aside and dashes . Hither are the leash master rules students girl on commas:

Prefatorial elements in a doom (anything watchword or formulate that comes earlier the discipline). Exemplar: Inescapably, roughly scholar in my category testament bury to piece chip, and the errors testament crusade me weirdo!

In betwixt items in a name . Illustration: She remembered to use patch and grammar deterrent, roofy and checkout her low language, and double-check her punctuation.

Ahead and abaft quotations. Lesson: The teacher aforementioned, “I cognize you testament get a full mark on your newspaper,” when I off it in on Tuesday.

6. Dissertation and Subject Sentences

Bridle for logic and crystalise line. Emphasise your dissertation condemn. Did you pen a crystallise, efficient Roadmap dissertation ? Emphasize your theme sentences . Is thither hardly one in apiece paragraph. If you scan upright the dissertation and matter sentences can you infer the independent item of your report? Does your contention micturate sensation? Is thither something you pauperization to add? You power ask mortal else to study these sentences to see if they cogitate thither is something lacking.

Interesting Nomenclature. Do your dissertation and issue sentences phone bright, opinionative and interesting? Hard nomenclature can pee-pee your theme surpass. That substance exploitation lifelike verbs and adverbs. A model of exploitation warm terminology is “Why We Starve Revulsion Movies” by Stephen Magnate.

Be Opinionative! Flick reviews are wagerer if they are curious, sarcastic and witty. That power not be an conquer timbre if you gibe with the independent gunpoint of your clause, but you can be as telling if you are passionate, businesslike and heedful. One way to do that is to use hard words, peculiarly conversion quarrel, verbs, and adverbs. Examples:

I amply reenforcement…

I wholly rebut…

Apparently, the author’s ideas that…are slanted due to….

However, I powerfully trust…

Without substantiation, I would get to reject….

Attempting to show her points with sham prove, the writer slides into ridiculous…

You get the thought. Be boldface!

7. Checkout Lyric for Timbre and Vocalisation

A dear theme moves into the “antic” class when the author uses pictorial run-in to produce a persuasive tincture, and particular language that produce an edubirdie review interesting vocalization.

Interesting Terminology. Do your dissertation and subject sentences fathom graphic, self-opinionated and interesting? Warm speech can piddle your wallpaper jump. That agency exploitation intense verbs and adverbs. A example of victimisation solid terminology is “Why We Thirst Repulsion Movies” by Stephen Queen.

Be Self-opinionated! Picture reviews are amend if they are rum, sarcastic and witty. That power not be an conquer tint if you fit with the primary period of your clause, but you can be evenly telling if you are passionate, solemn and attentive. One way to do that is to use firm terminology, particularly conversion speech, verbs, and adverbs. Examples:

I amply supporting…

I altogether controvert…

Plainly, the author’s ideas that…are one-sided due to….

Notwithstanding, I powerfully conceive…

Without validation, I would bear to reject….

Attempting to establish her points with fictitious certify, the generator slides into ridiculous…

You get the approximation. Be boldface!

Don’t block to use a terminal enchantment and grammar bridle. | Germ

8. Do a Turnaround Schema

A reversal precis agency you pee an lineation of what you’ve already scripted. Setback outlining helps you to see the arguments in your wallpaper more understandably and to resolve whether you’ve really scripted things in the redress edict.

To micturate a turnabout scheme, takings your newspaper and emphasize the subject sentences in apiece paragraph. So indite those sentences in an scheme manikin (or cut and spread those sentences on another papers. Study them in club and deterrent:

Do they shuffle lucid sentience?

Are they potent sentences?

Do the arguments surveil logically?

Birth you actually responded to the motion of your assay appointment?

Suffer you tending crystalise reasons for your dissertation?

Future, feel done your theme and emphasise (or extract) the reasons and examples you use to documentation apiece matter conviction.

Does apiece firearm of demonstrate truly back that affirmation?

Is the tell unclutter, concise, pictorial and interesting?

Does something look absent?

Eventually, if you bear put-upon sources, consider apiece of those and brand certainly that they are cited aright. Let you victimised all of your sources in hardly one or two paragraphs? Your wallpaper leave be stronger if you use your tell end-to-end the theme.


About students bear been taught to clog their assertions with quotes. Yet, this creates a bad wont of exploitation a cite from somebody else to micturate your item, preferably than stating that gunpoint yourself. Ofttimes I uncovering that students don’t interpret what they are quoting and would do improve to use a rephrase.

My rules for quotations are that you want to both excuse the cite in your own language so severalize how that quotation backs up your contention. Oft, it is easier barely to rephrase the generator in your own dustup then say how that backs up your ideas. Bridle your quotations:

1. Do you living the cite interior your time?

Chastise: Recitation is life-sustaining to decorous a beneficial author. As Sarah McKlean points out,”We are all readers ahead we are writers.”

Faulty: “We are all readers earlier we are writers.” Sarah McKean’s quotation tells us recitation is significant to decorous a author.

2. Do you pee surely that you excuse how that citation backs up your statement?

3. Do you pauperization to cite? Can you put the data in your own language as efficaciously or more efficaciously? Commend quotes are scoop victimized only a somebody is an dominance on the content, the way the quotation is worded is significant, or if you are departure to discourse particular parts of that citation subsequently in your parameter.

Deliver a protagonist avail pay you feedback on your penning. | Origin

9. Writer Tags

If you are exploitation data from something you deliver translate, heard, or watched, you motive to citation that beginning. A utilitarian method for determinant whether you motive to use a cite is to ask: “Would a pattern soul cognise that data without look it up?” Ie, you motive to secern your seed. Two commons slipway for citing are to severalize the writer and rubric of the schoolbook or do a parenthetic citation ( MLA stylus ) or footer (APA stylus).

Additionally, as you spell your theme, you should use ” writer tags ” whenever the facts you are authorship most came from your germ. Writer tags can be the describe of the source, “he or she” or “the generator” or “the clause says…” See where you want to put writer tags by indication the composition and grading where you are referring to the ideas in the clause you translate (foreground one colouration), and your ideas (foreground in a dissimilar coloration). Pee-pee certainly that every meter you are referring to the author’s ideas you let put-upon an writer tag, or referred someway to where you got the ideas. Examples: the writer argues, James concludes, the assay explains, he/she refers to.

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