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May 31, 2019

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Even better, the guarantees and discounts in place mean you’re getting a safe, great order at a great price. Moreover, there are frequent cases, where the person may need a number of articles on the same or similar topics, so it’s extremely challenging to avoid plagiarism and simultaneously preserve the original meaning, thoughts and intention of author. Another example of situation, where the plagiarism becomes the major issue at the head of the table is writing an article or a paper on popular topic, where one of the key requirements is to beat your competitors with original content and not to let your publication to get lost in the deep sea of similar writings. As Wikipedia says, after rewriting in the new text shouldn't be: actual mistakes; fictions and rewriter's conjectures; comments of the rewriter; personal opinions of the rewriter; what isn't present in the source text . Rewriting is used to avoid charges infringement of a copyright. 4) Natura del conferimento dei Dati . Lei ha diritto di sapere che il conferimento dei dati può avere natura obbligatoria o facoltativa, nonché comportare conseguenze in caso di un eventuale rifiuto. A tale riguardo si precisa che: a) il conferimento dei dati per le finalità di cui alle lettere a) e b) del punto 3 ha natura obbligatoria in quanto previsto dalla legge o per dar seguito ad obbligazioni di tipo contrattuale (come indicato dall’art. 6, comma 1, lettera b) e c) del Regolamento).